Customers – Winning New and Keeping Existing Customers

Today, most companies have come to realize that cost cutting has a limit. If you truly want to be successful you need to grow your business. That means not only acquiring new customers, but keeping the customers you currently have. Neither of these tasks are easy; especially if your sales force is small and your marketing budget even smaller. The key is in efficiency which calls for true insight about your customers and a targeted sales and marketing action. We can help you with both.

Insight, for example:

Identify hot new leads on behalf of your sales force

Identify customers where your potential is not fully exploited

Identify customers you risk losing and tell you how to prevent it

Identify the true reasons you lose orders to your competitors

Identify the perception of your sales and marketing efforts

Consulting, for example:

Help you craft an effective and efficient marketing plan

Help you prepare a value proposition that makes you the natural choice

Help you build a strong brand by means of strong positioning

Help you transform your sales force into being truly customer-focused

Help you create and implement a fruitful action plan for your sales force

Competitors – Beating Your Direct and Indirect Competitors:

Life would be easier without competitors, but on the other hand, they make you work harder and become better. The internet has made the world one single marketplace that is easy to get into which means things are changing at a rapid pace. If you want to survive in this fast paced competitive environment, you need to be aware of what competitors are doing and implement ways to out maneuver them. We can help you with both.

Insight, for example:

Identify how you are perceived compared to your competitors

Identify how you are equal to and different from your competitors

Identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Identify your competitors’ strategy and next steps

Identify your competitors’ key persons and how they think and act

Consulting, for example:

Help you craft a strategy to take on your main competitors

Help you prepare strong arguments to beat the competitors

Help you identify new and smarter ways of competing than head-on

Help you change the agenda in the market place to get the attention

Help you create an intelligent pricing strategy to capture market share

Markets – Choosing, Entering and Optimizing Your Market Presence

You probably don’t have all the resources you would like so you need to deploy those you have intelligently. This means determining which markets, whether geographic, industry or segment, provide you with the greatest return on your investment. In addition, which distribution strategy gives you the best advantage? In order to answer this you need insight into topics that include market size, value drivers, and trends. You also need to look inside your organization as well as out to find possible distribution partners that provide the best fit. We can help you with both.

Insight, for example:

Identify market sizes and market shares

Identify promising opportunities in existing and new markets

Identify relevant segments and niches you can own

Identify the trends that define where your market is headed

Identify the market barriers that prevent you from success

Consulting, for example:

Help you choose the right segments and markets

Help you successfully enter new markets

Help you choose the best agents and distributors

Help you set up relevant measurement points for your sales channel

Help you optimize your sales channel’s performance

Products – Developing, Introducing, Optimizing and Killing Products

Developing new products is costly and most sales forecasts do not play out. Proper insight increases the likelihood of success dramatically because it makes it possible to make better decisions by separating fact from fiction (or dreams). You need to assess the market and determine which ideas will provide you with the market share you desire. Once the product has reached fruition, you need the right marketing strategy to gain the market share that is desired. We can help you with both.

Insight, for example:

Identify market-based opportunities for new products

Identify which of your ideas for new products that are worth pursuing

Identify the true value of each feature of your (proposed) products

Identify if there is a market for your new product and how big it is

Identify the right pricing strategy for your new product

Consulting, for example:

Help you design a long-term strategic product strategy

Help you craft an effective and efficient go-to-market strategy

Help you position your products in the best possible way

Help you phase out products that are not sufficiently profitable

Help you build a strong case even if for outdated products

Innovation – Doing Something Truly New and Valuable for Your Customers

Innovation is the lifeblood of any company, essential for fostering growth in dynamic markets characterized by an ever-changing competitive landscape. Embracing innovation is imperative for staying relevant and outpacing competitors in today’s rapidly evolving world. Bear in mind, that innovation goes well beyond creating new products or services, it can also entail exploring novel approaches to market penetration and customer engagement. We can assist with all aspects, ensuring your long-term success.

Insight, for example:

Identify your customers’ pain points and derived from these unmet needs

Identify weaknesses in your and your competitors offerings

Identify unexploited ways to successfully penetrate the market

Identify the customer journey to identify ways to enhance the customer experience

Identify emerging trends to anticipate future demands and stay ahead of the curve

Consulting, for example:

Help ideate new products and services based on unmet customer needs

Help develop a strong positioning strategy that makes you stand out in the market

Help develop a new business model that makes you unique in the market

Help develop go-to-market strategies to successfully launch new products and services

Help identify strategic partners to enhance innovation capabilities and accelerate growth