Case Study – Image and awareness survey provides SimCorp local and global market diagnoses

SimCorp provides software solutions for the financial sector in many countries and it is, therefore, important to constantly keep up-to-date with market trends and developments in the relevant markets.


“Following the image and awareness analysis of our brand allowed us over time to look at the differences in our
KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). The study is used both for diagnostics, scheduling and reporting to control our actions and allocation of resources across product devel- opment, sales and marketing. More specifically, we used the results to make the most out of our resources; how can we optimize our market position and sales in the in- dividual market, and in which markets will an allocation of a given resource or an adjustment of the strategy provide the greatest return,” explains Lars Bjørn Falkenberg, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Product & Marketing Management at SimCorp.

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