Our Track Record

We take the fact that we have carried out approximately 1,800 projects in over 120 countries for an estimated 200 companies since our foundation in 1995 as proof that we are good at what we are doing. We help businesses grow by providing them deep insight and down-to-earth advice about their customers, competitors, markets, their products and organization.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our clients say about us and some of the cases we have solved. You can also contact them directly to get more details about their collaboration with Lindberg International.

Worked in more than 120 Countries

Approaching 1,800 Projects Conducted

More than 200 Satisfied Clients

Lindberg International in Numbers 


Phenomenal 78% NPS Score

Almost 30 Years of Experience

Close to 15 Languages Spoken

Client Feedback

“Lindberg International is very good at digging into and understanding our issues and demands and subsequently deliver quality results as information/insights that we are able to quickly use for implementation.”

Peter Busch


“They redesigned our survey so that it created even more value for us. Furthermore, they are incredibly competent and do not oversell”

Karl Erik Traberg

Milestone Systems

”Lindberg International is very professional in what they do – and they deliver quality and value for money. They are experienced, know what they are talking about and are not afraid to admit mistakes in the process – which they will correct immediately. They are straight to the point and avoid hot air when defining and completing the task.”

Bo Jakobsen


“Lindberg International knows how to listen to and understand our situation as well as how to manage the process in a pragmatic and down to earth way.”

Helge Hersbøll

Haldor Topsøe

”For us Lindberg International stands for trust and credibility – both in the process and cooperation”

Christian Halken


“They are honest and say what they are thinking which makes for a good sparring partner. They work hard and do not give up even though the task might be difficult. At the same time they are not afraid to challenge us to push our ambitions to the next level.”

Jette Børsting

TIA Technology

”When our surveys are made by Lindberg International, it is always seamless. The tasks are solved quickly and effectively – and their recommendations are precise and well-founded”

Jan Michael Jensen


”They are professional, quick and competent – and they have a good way of thinking about business. They challenge us and it is always no nonsense with them”

Niels Hermansen

DNP Denmark

“Lindberg International is an open and easily accessible company. They are a good sparring partner and are quick to help and suggest new ideas to us. They never make the report for the sake of the report itself – it is always useful and made to fit our needs.”

Mette Bredkjær





Client Evaluation

We strive to provide the best market insight and consulting to all of our clients and regularly collect their feedback to ensure they are fully satisfied with our services. Here is how our clients rate us.

How do our clients evaluate our insight reports and studies that we deliver?

  • Deliverables in General 89%
  • Report Applicability 88%
  • Presentation of the Final Results 86%
  • Contents 87%
  • Conclusion and Recommendation 88%

How do our clients enjoy working with us?

  • Service and Accessibility 91%
  • On-going dialogue 89%
  • Price/Quality Ratio 84%
  • Cooperation 90%
  • Lindberg International in General 89%