The race is on – are you in it to win it?


Coronavirus, our time’s “Black Swan” event, has already fundamentally changed the world and in many cases, businesses have pushed the brakes. But what now? Isn’t it time to once again fire on all cylinders to ensure that your competitors stay in your rear-view mirror?


Read this whitepaper to read how to use racing analogies, strategies, and tactics in your business to end up stronger on the other side of crises.

Reaching higher than the Alps


The University of St. Gallen have analyzed almost 300 successful companies and their underlying business models. Based on that they have built a systematic approach for creating new and innovative business models. They call this tool “The Business Model Navigator.”


Read this whitepaper to get an understanding of how you can innovate your business model – the Swiss way.


Mission to Mars


If you don’t dream you die. Correction: You’re already dead! Avoid that by doing something bold. You need to dream big otherwise you risk being run over by your competitors so head for Mars to conquer an untapped market with no competitors. Traditional fights for market shares are not fruitful anymore, but don’t look for a blue ocean – aim for the red planet instead. What is your Mars? And how do you get there?


Read this whitepaper and find a way for you to not only dream big, but also making your dreams come true. It’s easier than you think.

Whitepaper Win


Winning is everything (whoever said otherwise probably lost). Which makes business a serious game. You can either win or lose, and believe me: it is much more fun to win. So what does it take to win? That’s the question asked each and everyday in practically all businesses around the world. And the answer is far from obvious.


Read this whitepaper and be inspired by Theodore Levitt, Peter Drucker, Jack Trout and other acclaimed management gurus on how to win.



Whether we like it or not the world is changing at an increasing pace and the faster your surroundings change, the faster you need to change as well. And you might as well admit that the battle for market shares – and, ultimately, survival – is not won by the biggest companies, but by the fastest movers. Unfortunately there are many obstacles to change. These can essentially be boiled down to lack of leadership and poor strategies.


Read this whitepaper and be inspired by professor John Kotter and other acclaimed management gurus on how to make change.

You survived – now think like a loser!

Recession is over and your company made it through the crisis. Great. Your services are most likely better today, and your organization is probably more efficient. That’s great too. But don’t forget that the same applies to your competitors. It is only the good companies that are left – the bad ones went bankrupt. Consequently, competition today is tougher than before so do not feel like a winner. Complacency can kill you.


Read this whitepaper and understand that it is now – while your competitors go back to “business as usual” – that you have to think like a loser to end up as the winner.



“Change!” is based on the vey successful 2012 edition of “The World’s Brightest Advent Calendar”. The content has been more than doubled including results of a study about what is seen as the major challenges related to change. All of this has been turned into a book about why change is more important than ever – and what is needed to make change actually happen. Most books with many pages would have been even better if they were shorter. That’s why “Change!” is deliberately short and to the point, but at the same time with a strong emphasis to ensure that the readers go from reading the book to actually making changes.


Price: 64 USD / 54 EUR / 399 DKK: Interested? Get in touch.

“Santa, We Need Change!”

“Santa, We Need Change!” is an entertaining and inspiring business fable about creating successful change. The fable takes place at the North Pole Village where the entire concept of Christmas is in much more trouble than Santa Claus cares to admit. At first he is in denial due to complacency. Then he chooses what he considers an easy solution. Not until the very last moment does he finally show the necessary leadership skills to pull together the organization to make the long overdue changes. Does this sound familiar? Read “Santa, we need change!” and get down-to-earth advice on creating successful change – and get a good laugh too.


Price: 49 USD / 39 EUR / 299 DKK: Interested? Get in touch.



Michael Lindberg is also an internationally renowned public speaker. His greatest asset may be his ability to explain complex issues in simple ways, making his knowledge accessible to all – in an entertaining manner. This has made him a much sought-after speaker and facilitator around the globe.


Here are examples of the speeches, seminars and workshops Michael use to facilitate a long-lasting change in you, your team and your company.

”Mission to Mars”

Duration: Full day

This is Michael’s signature seminar based on this simple – yet for many fundamentally different – way of thinking: “The battle for market shares – and, ultimately, survival – is not won by the biggest companies, but by the fastest movers”. In four sections (Prepare, Launch, Journey and Settle in) Michael makes you dream big, not about a blue ocean, but of the red planet where you will find an untapped market with no competitors. Without big dreams you end up in mediocrity so what is your Mars? And how do you get there? After attending this utterly professional and highly entertaining seminar you will know. Open seminar: May 27th in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

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Duration: Full day, half day, 60-90 minutes

Based on his book “Change!” Michael takes you on a change journey from discovering the need for change to not only implementing the change but also making constant change an accepted part of the corporate culture. The world is changing at an increasing pace and the faster your surroundings change, the faster you need to change as well. Forget about “Big is beautiful”, “Quick is beautiful” is the new mantra so get up to speed at this thought-provoking and entertaining seminar.

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”Leadership crisis”

Duration: Half day, 60-90 minutes

Not many have realized that in the shadow of the financial crisis a new and much more dangerous crisis has evolved: A leadership crisis. When “cash is king” many companies believe that the best management tool is Excel. They are right. But no Excel savvy manager can ever bring the company to the next level, only leaders can – with the assistance of managers. What we need is more leadership, but too many companies have lost the guts during the financial crisis – and they will die because of this

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“Strategic plans are for the weak”

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Far too many companies go through the motions of developing a strategic plan simply because common sense – and many textbooks – says every good organization must have such a plan. Unfortunately it often ends up with a simple progression of the previous plan including one more year. No wonder so many end up frustrated when what in reality any company needs is a combination of absorption (being able to withstand opposition) and agility (being able to take advantage of opportunities).

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”Make it happen!”

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Why is it that so many good ideas, new initiatives, strategic decisions never get implemented? Many employees, who obviously are those that are supposed to implement the changes, resist change, but why? Because they don’t sincerely buy in to the need for change. Management shows them tables and charts and talks about what may happen, but unfortunately management doesn’t understand that the need for change must be felt in the heart, not understood in the brain.

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”Listen in a smarter way”

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Tom Peters once said: “I believe there is one and only one source of innovation – pissed off people.” He has a point, so listen to your customers in a smarter way. Don’t ask them what they want, because they can’t be creative on your behalf. Ask them instead about their problems, frustrations and challenges (of which they most likely have many). Translate these into new ideas and you will be at least one step ahead of your competitors.

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To ensure that any speech, seminar or workshop fits perfectly to your company and the audience Michael gets in touch with you a few weeks before going on stage. All speeches, seminars and workshops are available in English as well as in Danish.

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“Michael has a superb balance between entertainment and theory that makes him worth listening to.”

Poul Skovgaard

Post Nord

“To me Michael stands for less glitter and surface and more seriousness and professionalism.”

Louise Krüger Kofoed


“Although Michael’s down to earth, he is good at both showing and creating excitement.”

Lena Hansen


Lindberg Netværk

In 2002 we were contacted by a Danfoss employee. She asked if we could create a network for employees working with strategy, sales and marketing in internationally oriented business-to-business companies. Her argument was clear enough, as she said: “I do not want to waste my time sitting in a network together with persons that most think of the winter sales in the clothing store they work for.” That became the starting point of Lindberg Netværk.


We meet 5-6 times a year to get input on topics related to strategy, sales and marketing. Sometimes we have external experts to kick the meetings off, in other cases we focus on a member’s challenges and help him or her overcome them. And no matter what: Since the group is rather homogenous all members learn a lot from each other because basically they are all facing the same challenges. That’s the beauty of Lindberg Netværk.


We know our members are busy. Therefore we provide 3-4 webinars a year where they sit in front of their computer and listen to an interesting presentation from an expert. Of course they have the opportunity both to comment along the way and also ask questions in order to increase the benefit. This is a very effective way to get new knowledge so no wonder the webinars are very popular among the members.


Are you unsure whether it is worth the money? Sign up for a “free trial” and attend one of our network meetings at no charge.


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